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 Survey Design and Programming

Nakatomi´s survey programming team scripts over 100 surveys each year.

Our expertise in research survey programming and in–depth knowledge of various survey programming tools has enabled us to deliver a wide range of industry-leading online market research surveys.

What We Do…

Nakatomi has a team of experienced programmers, to program complex surveys for on-line interviews. We offer tool- or custom-based web survey programming services. The client can easily track the progress of surveys completed on surveys programmed in Confirmit via an online portal.

Our product portfolio includes:

• Web-based Survey Programming • Online reporting • Quality assurance • Visual QA • Audio/video rating tools • Reporting

We also operate a multi-step Quality Assurance (QA) process. In particular, visual QA is a Specialized Quality Assurance Service that quality checks surveys against client specifications.


How We Do It…

Web-Based Survey Programming. Our team builds complex and customized surveys for global research agencies and clients. We also support survey translations in several foreign languages. In addition, our platform allow us to synchronize our dialer systems with other proprietary tools. With our highly skilled programmers and sound infrastructure we are well qualified to handle:

• Complex surveys (including complicated piping logic and conditional logic) • Complicated quotas • Logins and passwords for secure access • Generation of unique tracking IDs • Customization of appearance • Disposition files • Save-and-return functionality • Highly customized error messaging • Randomization and block rotation • Translation of surveys into multiple foreign languages • Survey hosting in Nebu or Sawtooth • Emailing (distributing panelists’ survey invitations and reminders) • Dialer synchronization • Ranking questions • Data exports in various formats including SPSS, Access, Excel, ASCII


Data processing

Nakatomi has extensive experience in data processing and analysis enabling our clients to gain valuable insights from the data collected.

Our dedicated team supports many leading companies and research agencies worldwide.

What We Do…

Nakatomi provides a wide range of client-specific services for data processing. We offer data Mining, integration, and Reporting services for various project types, such as Ad-Hoc, Tracker, and multi-country studies. We also offer data quality and integration services. In addition, we possess considerable experience in Data Cleaning and Validation, and Tabulation services.


How We Do It…

Data Cleaning/Data Validation We provide a full product portfolio adapted to each client’s specific requirements, as follows:

• Data-integrity checking • Removing redundant data • Identifying and fixing data inconsistencies • Trend Checking • Quota setting • Matching and integrating data within and across data sources • Database management and report creation


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How We Work


Questionnaire design.

Our expertise enables us to provide advice, guidance or full questionnaire design when required by our clients.


Sample sourcing.

For those clients needing fresh sample, we have relationships with several specialist providers and can source most sample types across the globe.


Survey Programming.

For most studies, we will handle all aspects of survey programming to convert Word version of the questionnaire into a useable web script. Alternatively, we can access client interviewing platforms across the web, once appropriate access permission has been provided.


Project Management.

We will take ownership of all aspects of data collection, for provision of questionnaire through to delivery of data. If required, we can also take on the project management of global data collection projects, involving our network of global vendors as required.


Coding / Verbatim production.

Any open questions can be coded to your requirements, with the data either incorporated into the data file, or, of preferred, we can output the full verbatim response (either in English or native language).


Table production.

We can provide data in most standard formats (Excel, ASCII, SPSS etc) or, if preferred, we can have your data tabulated according to your specifications.


Translation Services.

Over the years, we have established relationships with specialist market research translation suppliers, which together with in-house resources enable us to provide translation services across most languages.



At Nakatomi Research our approach to quality begins with the recognition that comes from our clients. We meet the standards laid down by Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct and the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) Codes and guidelines for Survey Research. Nakatomi Research also conforms to the European Commission Directive on Data Protection and is registered in line with the Data Protection Act.

Data collection

We focus in DATA COLLECTION methodology. We invite thousands of respondents around the world to our surveys…


We focus on Recruitment services of B2B and B2C target groups all around the world for quantitative online surveys.


Write us an email with your request or contact our team of project managers in your time zone.

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