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“A company without information is like a tree without roots”

NAKATOMI RESEARCH was founded to provide data services at a global level. Our mission: to become the leading research provider for the financial industry. Nowadays we provide data services in 20 countries and 10 languages.

We are specialists in

market research for the

Financial industry

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About Nakatomi Research

We are an ever-expanding international team of researchers, project managers, programmers and field supervisors.

Nakatomi Research provides solutions to the financial services sector. We conduct market research among a variety of stakeholders, CFOs, financial directors, financial advisors, brokers and Investors. The team has a great deal of knowledge, business understanding and research expertise in the sector and who combine speed and experience working side-by-side with the client.

The difficult target groups and the lack of panelists around the world create the need to recruit respondents more efficiently and faster in order to generate information on what people think in different topics. We are fascinated by the ability to get the most challenging target groups in the industry, from Global Investment strategist of the main private equities firms to CFOs of different corporations, we will help you to get the right respondents.

Our clients include:

•    Retail, commercial and investment banks
•    Wealth management / private banks
•    Personal and commercial insurers
•    Family offices
•    Management consultancies
•    Private Investors
•    Specialized Software for the Financial sector
•    Specialized Media related to the Financial sector

Our Story

Nakatomi Research was founded in Barcelona, with a clear vision to recruit respondents all around the world to help online panels and improve the way how they get B2B respondents and cover difficult geographies.

Our Mission

Nakatomi Research is passionate about understanding people. We are committed to engage respondents with the most effective methods, providing instant, relevant, global assistance. Our goal is to be known as the best market research agency for the financial sector.

We are leaders in Research and Data collection for the Financial Industry

Our Team

Today we are an ever-expanding team of researchers, project managers, programmers, analysts, and field managers. Regardless of the target countries that you want to cover, we at Nakatomi research will centrally-manage the entire process for you, giving you a single point – of – contact. Our team currently hosts 5 nationalities: Spain, Germany, Peru, Japan and USA.


Data Collection

We invite thousands of decision makers in the Financial sector around the world to our surveys.


We focus in Research for the Financial industry gathering quantitative and qualitative methodologies to improve their media communication and customer experience.


Write us an email with your request and we will answer you in 24 hours.

News and Reports

Take a look to our charts and reports, all our publications are 100% free of charge.

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